Residential Solar

ClearSpot Energy designs and installs solar systems personalized for your needs. We carefully evaluate your property and electricity consumption and present the best option designed to precisely achieve your goals. 

Commercial Solar

Are you looking to maximize your commercial property value and investment? ClearSpot Energy designs, installs and maintains solar systems for commercial properties throughout the Bay Area.

Service Locations

With headquarters in Carmel, California, ClearSpot Energy serves Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz and South Santa Clara County.

Easy Financing

Need financing? No problem. ClearSpot Energy provides you access to a diverse portfolio of solar financing products that best meet your needs.

Want to be protected in a power outage?

Ask us about backup battery and generator solutions. ››

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About ClearSpot Energy

Founded in 2007 by a Silicon Valley veteran, ClearSpot Energy offers personalized solar services to homeowners and commercial property owners interested in maximizing their solar performance. ClearSpot Energy designs and installs the system to meet your specific output and financial needs.

Contact us to find out how our licensed, insured and bonded solar experts can deliver you the optimal solar performance for your home or commercial property. Learn more ››